What are the pros/cons in the music industry ?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014
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Music Industry
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Question by Leah: What are the pros/cons in the music industry ?
I’m doing an article on the music industry for my english class & I need some really descriptive pros/cons that can grab peoples attention..help please ?

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Answer by ss
pros: it’s fun. Let’s face it, anyone who works in a creative field knows they are never going to make a million dollar salary. However, getting to go to award shows, movie and music premiers, concerts, and meeting your favorite singers is worth it.

it’s not a normal office setting. you are working around some of the craziest creative people on top of the crazy famous people that walk in randomly. no 2 days are the same and you can’t complain of your job involves listening to music all day.

the jobs are endless. you can be someone who likes art so you can design album covers, you can be a geek or nerd and fix computers, you can like math and work in finance, you can like law and work in business and legal, you can be a brainstormer and work in marketing or a&r or publicity. there is not really a job description and if a company wants you, they will even create a job for you.

The hours are very flexible. You generally start later and get a lot of days off. We don’t start at 7am. I don’t even get in until 10:30 or 11 in the morning. We also get the time between Christmas and New Years off just like kids get Christmas break from school. This is because nobody important releases records during that week after Christmas. A lot of people get to make their own hours and nobody cares as long as your job gets done.

you get to know all the gossip before the magazines print them. We are all fascinated by famous people and when you work in the industry, you know everything about everyone. You actually know the real story behind the rumors.

cons: a lot of employees who started years ago when the industry made tons of money usually suck at work. They are used to being spoiled by having large expense accounts and up until recently, there were so many employees that they only know how to do parts of the work, they can’t do an entire project on their own. It used to be that even assistants had assistants and interns had other interns reporting to them. Once all of that went away, the average age of employees at record labels dropped from late 30s and early 40s to late 20s and early 30s because the younger ones have never had those luxuries.

a lot of the business is not how good you are, it’s who you know and who owes favors to you. This can be a plus if you know a lot of people in the industry. Most people at various companies know each other so it also makes it harder for people to get into the business. All the good jobs are never advertised. You have to know the person that has a spot to fill. Music publishers are usually good friends with label people so artists don’t get to pick their own songs, the executives are telling them what to sing. For instance, Michelle Branch just did a concert and said she hated the song ‘Breathe’ and the label made her record it and released it as a single. Now she likes the song but she didn’t at first.

it is a business. I always hate when singers talk about how they had to sell out when they signed to a major label. If they want to be an ‘artist’ they should sign to an indie. Major labels spend millions in promotion and they do what it takes to recoup that money. They know what sells and until someone is a superstar, they do not call the shots. If singers don’t like it then they should stay singing in their local coffee shop.

it’s not a 9 to 5 job. you work long hours, you come in and work in the morning then go to shows at night that last until early the following morning. Then you get out of bed and do it again. And you don’t just go to shows. You must talk to as many people in the room as possible and make connections. There is not a lot of time for a normal social life so most people in music are married to others in the same field

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    Shaliyah Says:

    Im a freshman at UNH for music industry but i really wanna be a writer and an A&R for a record company but have no connections and i dont wanna go to school any ideas to get me their without all the extra work ?

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