What do radio hosts do while music plays?

Saturday, June 14, 2014
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Question by Mick: What do radio hosts do while music plays?
I mean, when music playing on the radio stations,
what does the radio host do during that time?
Just sit there?

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Answer by Steven
Answer phone calls, Facebook messages, etc.

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    Mr. Smartypants Says:

    They fill out logs. They line up the next ‘cue’ or two–ads, records, PSAs, promotional announcements, whatever’s next. They may be keeping an eye on the transmitter through a sort of remote-control gizmo. They might have to run to the john. Or answer a quick phone call.

    I worked in radio in the 70s and that’s what it was like then. I played classical music on an NPR station on weekends and holidays, and most of the pieces were 20 min. or more, so the pace wasn’t too hectic But playing 3-minute records would really have kept me busy!

    These days I’m guessing it’s mostly automated. The announcer reads a script from a monitor and then the program is automatically put together by a computer. So he can do a 3 hr program in maybe half an hour. Also since Reagan’s deregulation of radio, you can have one host providing feed for a hundred stations all around the country with 30-second and 60-second ‘holes’ for local ads. Which are also inserted automatically.

    In the 70s this was already starting. Some AM top 40 stations had racks full of ‘carts’ (short for ‘cartridges’. They looked like 8-track cartridges). They were automated so when one record or announcement was playing the next was ‘cueing’ up. The operator programmed the sequence and then went home. One time that I know of a sequencing mechanism got stuck and a station played the same record about 25 times until someone could get own there and fix it!

    But today I’m sure it’s all done with computers and MP3s.

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    Anthony Says:

    A radio talk show host works for a radio station and performs on what is typically a daily show. He or she may work alone or with a partner; two-person radio talk shows are fairly common because it gives people the opportunity to converse more easily. A radio talk show host may have a college degree in communications, broadcasting, or journalism, depending on the type of radio show he or she will be working on.

    There are a few different types of radio talk shows at all hours of the day. A morning show is a popular version, which is the one people may listen to while getting ready for work or on the commute. A morning show might feature a combination of news, traffic, weather reports, and entertainment discussion, as well as general discussion among the hosts. The radio talk show host might be responsible for all of these segments or just a few.

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