what does it take to get in the music industry?

Thursday, June 12, 2014
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Music Industry
by GAP089

Question by Jake B: what does it take to get in the music industry?
im looking to do something with music as a career, and im okay as a musician, but id like to record other musicians or something along the lines of that. anywhere in the music industry except for maybe a manager. please and thanks.

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Answer by Justin S
look into music technology and engineering. this is recording and you would have to find bands and make a deal with them and stuff like that. i don’t know much about it but you can do some research for yourself. if you wanna perform, julliard and berkely school of music are both really good schools. i reccomend them both. for teaching there are also good schools like temple in philly and many others. Music as a career is very broad. explore it all for yourself then pick what you want to do.
hope i helped

Justin S.

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    SCORPIO Says:


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    Dina Says:

    not too much.see all these singers today?they are going off of looks only and who can sell the most.not who has talent or not

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    Everyday Says:

    there are schools that can teach you how to record. in my opinion they are scams because you pay a lot and get very little in return. the education is decent, but i could have learned the same things reading a few books on my own and saving a few thousand dollars. at the end of schooling you get a piece of paper that means nothing outside of the music industry, and not much within the music industry. you usually will leave school with an internship that is unpaid. most studios will keep you around for a long time without ever paying you. whenever you do get a chance to get paid, it’s not much. money doesn’t really come for a long time in the music industry.

    really to make it anywhere in the music industry, it depends on who you know, and being in the right place at the right time. schooling in general doesn’t mean anything unless you are working on the legal side of things, or for a big record label that is ran by businessmen and not artists.

    jobs are getting fewer and fewer in the industry, so you may want to keep a back-up plan in mind at all times. usually money is very scarce as well so if you don’t have rich family, or a nice bank account, you may run into trouble. i don’t want to ruin your dreams or anything, just don’t want you to end up at a dead end in a few years as well.

    i would look for jobs that may interest you in the industry, and contact those people. if you think working for a studio or record label would be cool, then call them and find out what you should do if you wanted to work there. you may be able to get an internship with a few phone calls. it may not be glamorous, but experience goes a long way. all you need is that foot in the door.

    good luck

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